Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 RECAP

I haven't look at this blog in forever! Writing about finding my wedding gown and running a half marathon feels like forever ago!

The biggest event in our lives in 2014 was definitely our wedding!

We spent about six months planning our wedding... and we've taken almost six months to recover! July 19th wasn't just about the wedding... it was a build up over the last four years, lots of learning and growing together, praying about our marriage, preparing the house in Arlington for family visits and time together, endless "to-do" lists, making hundreds of decisions together, honeymooning in Savannah, setting up our crowded apartment at Sweet Briar, sharing closet space, and working together to combine our finances.

God's perfect timing brought all of these things together around our wedding, on July 19th, when we were surrounded with  O V E R W H E L M I N G  love and support from family and friends, near and far.

Top 2014 events:

1. Ryan and I were able to travel to Alabama this spring to support Fred Frickie, my granddad, when they honored him with having the baseball/softball complex named after him at Calhoun Community College. Coach Frickie is a big deal!
From Granddad's coaching days at Calhoun... me and Justin on the back, Kendall and Michael in the front.

2. My younger sister, Amanda, graduated from high school in June! My parents are now empty-nesters... and from what I can tell, they are loving it!

3. Martinsville for two Nascar races... one with freezing weather in March and a second with nice, sunny weather in October!

4. June was a busy, busy month. I enjoyed a special morning for my bridal shower in Arlington and a couple days at the Rehoboth Beach with my two lovely matrons of honor, Heather & Amy. Then we headed out to Illinois for our engagement party and spent some time with the Wildenhain family.

5. Our honeymoon trip to Savannah, Georgia. Including.... Leopold's Ice Cream, bike tour, nights walking up and down Market St., seeing all the iconic squares, fishing charter, beach afternoons at Tybee Island, and paddle boarding.

6. Weekend camping trip at Smith Mountain Lake. In case you haven't seen this picture... Wrigley is a camping dog. I was the camper that enjoyed having the air mattress and a book to read!

7. Amanda started at University of Virginia this fall. She's a member of the marching band (and being very successful in school and acting like a college student!). A couple of Saturday mornings, we went up to Charlottesville to watch the band practice before the football games with my parents. Ryan and I even got to go to a UVA football game!

8. Snowshoe, WV for some quality snowboarding with great friends! Some of our cool friends include some GREAT photographers... who documented our trip...

9. Lynchburg College's Women's Soccer team winning the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! This can also include the 2008 & 2009 women's teams being inducted into the LC Athletic Hall of Fame in October; Ryan and I were able to attend since we live so close.

10. Finally, Christmas in Alabama again! We love spending time with family, getting Gibson's BBQ, seeing the Decatur Christmas lights, and eating lots of yummy food. A few days after Christmas we went up to Arlington for a great day with all the Frickie clan.

You seriously cannot beat the house decorations in Decatur.

Rebecca Leigh, Justin, Jenny, Dad, Mom, Diana Grace, Amanda, Ryan, me annnnnd Wrigley