Monday, December 21, 2015

Weeks 28-30

I know after three more weeks I should have more of an update... But all I can think about is how fast the last three weeks have gone. I don't want time to keep moving this quickly.

I think I did my last self-pedicure for a while. It was SO hard to breath and reach my toes. 

Only change I can come up with are sometimes it's hard to breath. I read that as the baby grows and before he drops, there is a lot of pressure on the diaphragm, which I definitely feel. Especially after I eat, it's hard to sit at the table sitting up in a chair, I always want to lay down and stretch out so I can breath. 

He also likes to tuck his foot under my right rib, which is uncomfortable but I find it so cute because I'm picturing him snuggling into me. He is ALWAYS on my right side {even though I've been sleeping on my left side for most of the night}. 

I'm am definitely not an irritable pregnant lady but it's hard to hear that there are so many things I should be avoiding... Like lifting or moving heavy things, or reaching high up, or bending over to pick something up. I do all of these things regularly as a part of my job and I'm not one to ask for help. 

For the past few weeks, I've also felt like my belly gets in the way more often.... Like when I drop a pen at work and have to bend over to pick it up, or I try to squeeze behind a pulled out chair. Bumping my belly into things is a common occurrence these days.

It's the time of year that Wrigley is extra snugly with the cold weather. I actually get sad that I won't have just wrigley snuggle time much longer. Yes, she is like my child. Yes, she responds when I call her Baby.

Post-birthday, I ate this for breakfast and dessert for many days in a row. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Week 27

Size: I must have significantly grown over Thanksgiving. Three patients asked me at work when I was due which means there is no hiding this belly. Baby is over two pounds!

Symptoms: Newest addition are some occasional stomach hardening episodes. At first I thought it was the baby moving to a forward position in my uterus. Then I read online this could be painless Braxton Hicks contractions.

Not having many nightly calf cramps anymore and a mostly normal appetite has returned {just in time for some holiday feasts!}. No crazy cravings or aversions. I don't think I'm a very exciting pregnant lady. 

Maternity Wardrobe: HUGE improvements. I bought a miracle pair of maternity jeans. {I'm now a big fan of Jessica Simpson jeans.} I also bought several maternity sweaters, dress pants, leggings and two sets of scrubs. I spent more than I planned to but I've been holding out on shopping for this new body and it was definitely time. My sisters-in-laws and Heather have been encouraging me to dress the bump, so I'm hoping I figured it out just in time for the holidays. 

Movement: Baby moves consistently during the day. Every few days he has sessions of huge movements, usually in the evenings when I lay on my back. I love carrying him with me and having him close all day long. I already feel an attachment of not wanting to be separated! 

Nursery/baby corner: We don't exactly have a nursery in the making, as we are still not sure where we will be living. {Please pray for me as a nesting mommy not knowing what the next several months will bring!}. However, we got a great load of BOY hand-me-down clothes. I enjoyed going through the bins of 0-12 month clothing/supplies, including several warm winter jumpers and the cutest fishing outfit that will be perfect for Ryan's best fishing buddy this summer. ><> <><

Miss Wrigley was NOT happy about all the attention the clothes got. She kept laying on my organized piles and constantly nudging into my lap. See that worried look on her face?! She was over it.

Gender: Did you catch it above?? We are having a BOY! I was not surprised at all when we found out - I was already 98% convinced it was a boy. We had a plan to take a gender reveal picture but I immediately started using boy pronouns and the clarity of a little boy growing in my belly made it hard to keep it a secret.

Names: My struggle with boy names improved slightly with finding out the gender. Although I still won't commit to anything, I would say we're closer. We have a short list of possibilities that I COULD like. I love hearing the process of how people name children. Each child, couple and process is unique and I pray for God's guidance in making it clear to us what name to give him! 

"For nothing is impossible with God" Luke 1:37. 
There is nothing that limits my God. He is not limited by time or love or my ideas of what I think is not possible. He is a 4th-dimension, when I can only comprehend 3D. He is limitless.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Bump pictures are showing a warped view of my clothes situation. If there isn't a bump picture, assume the whole week I only wore scrubs and XL sweat pants/tshirts.

Blurry picture below is documenting the last week I was able to wear my modified stretchy skinny jeans with a hair tie around the button. At 26 weeks, I went to Motherhood Maternity stating, "I'm in desperate need of new pants."