Monday, December 9, 2013

bowling in christmas sweaters

I wish I'd taken pictures of us bowling Friday night! We planned a bowling night with some friends and Ryan made it an ugly Christmas sweater extravaganza! Ryan scored 177 in the first game! My high score of the night was 117... which beat Ryan by 1 point that game!
Don't mind Bryan's high score of 170 that beat us both. Look at how many strikes he got! 
Brooksie, Kramer, Bryan, Amy, me and Ryan
Saturday and Sunday, Ryan spent most of his time at a workshop at Liberty University learning Graston's technique ( I spent most of my days at home sewing/crafting/football watching and getting ready for the holiday!

Talking about football. Auburn had another big win Saturday in the SEC championship game. Knowing it could rock the boat with the BCS rankings, we watched the first half of the Michigan State/ Ohio State game. And it sure did! Before Ryan left for his workshop early Sunday morning, he left me a note so I wouldn't miss the big news.

The stage has been set for Jan. 6 at 8:30. Florida State vs AUBURN.

W A R   E A G L E. 

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