Wednesday, February 26, 2014

biggest decision of my life

I found my wedding dress!!

The "Today" on the champagne bottle is from early February... but I'm still really excited about finding my wedding dress!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am the  w o r s t  decision maker of all time. I am much better at the non-decision. Two techniques of making decisions.... emotionally attaching myself to a side or rationally thinking through one. I'm not good at either. My bad decision-making skills goes for anything... where to go to eat, what to wear, picking out a piece of jewelry, where to go to college, buying a car, favorite color, and on and on.

The story from my childhood goes like this. Meme wanted to take me shopping to spend my Christmas money. She wanted me to pick something out that I knew I'd like! Before we left, my dad told her not to make the decision for me. Even at a young age, he knew that decisions are hard for me, so I needed to start practicing!

When you get engaged, everyone wants to know (1) when is the date and (2) what type of wedding have you dreamt about since you were little? For me, I have always envisioned a loving, family centered wedding. I love lots of colors, seasons, flowers, venue sites, themes, music, food arrangements and dress styles. So no, I don't have a dream wedding already planned. I wish!! Each decision is hard.

When you begin shopping for a wedding dress, the question remains... what have you envisioned yourself in since you were a little girl? Cupcake ball gown? Lace or satin? Bling beading and crystals? Flowy beach feel? Strapless or sleeves? Open back? Form-fitting? A-line? Neckline?

Me, envisioning myself trying to decide on a wedding dress has literally kept me up at night. The night before my first dress appointment, I barely slept. I didn't know if I'd like any of the dresses, or if I'd like all of them. Maybe I'd want to try on a thousand dresses. Or, I thought I'd settle on one and then days later change my mind. I was a stress ball. It seems silly now....

The biggest decision of my life...? Done. I chose my wedding dress!! Not to mention, it only took one appointment at one local boutique.

Amy, me and Amanda after the dress was chosen!

I have a long way to go with the planning, but I have TWO B I G decisions checked off! The date and location are set. Big decision, but necessary to get done early. And second, I have a wedding dress!!

We're getting married and I can NOT wait until July 19th!!!!

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