Thursday, August 20, 2015

A newsy update

As predicted, big changes have been coming our way! Hence the newsy information making it necessary for a blog post.

Ryan and I both interviewed at numerous potential employers this summer between May and July. Each interview comes with visualizing what a new job would entail.... moving to a new location, (even if it was local, we would still be moving out of our on-campus apartment), finding a job for the other half, and everything in between.

Through the time of these interviews (phone and on-campus), we enjoyed some summer travel with the time off work. We decompressed at Holden Beach for a hot week with the Frickie clan, went to St. Louis for the NATA national convention, and spent time in Illinois for a Wildenhain family wedding, fourth of July celebration and Ryan's annual fishing trip with the Behrendt brothers. Summarizing these trips in one sentence makes it sound short.... but we turned off our air conditioning, disconnected our apartment cable and travelled for a solid 4-5 weeks.

My husband built me a fortress on the beach. Take me back for another week of this.  
So after a long summer of travel, lots of interviews and possibilities, Sweet Briar reversing the March decision and staying open... now that it's the middle of August.... where did we end up?

Ryan accepted the position as Head of Sports Medicine at Marymount University in Arlington, VA!
Our summer of transition accelerated when Ryan accepted the position on a Tuesday and started the following Monday, July 27. He is working as the Head of Sports Medicine, with two assistants, responsible for providing athletic training services to Marymount's 17 DIII, NCAA athletic teams. He has been working hard to get organized and ready for preseason to start this week.

Thankfully, my gracious parents, live less than 2 miles away from Marymount, where I grew up in Arlington. {Ryan is loving the <5-minute commute.} After considering our options, we decided to stay at my parent's house for few months while sorting out the details of our move and where I would be working. In order to not pay any August rent, we made a dash back to Sweet Briar to move our belongings into my parent's garage. In a short 48 hours, we successfully cleared out room in the garage, packed our entire apartment, loaded it into a 17' truck, and unloaded it into our "section" of the garage. We could NOT have done it without the help of my parents, my sister and our dear friends Amy, Bryan and Koonce. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Would you say that is an expected newsy update since it was already out there that we were both job hunting...? Well, to further the excitement....

Surprise! We are expecting a baby in late February!
We found out I was pregnant in late June, between our NC and midwest travel adventures. Even with so many changes all at once, we are very excited for our growing family. More to come on the pregnancy.... per Meme's request and Heather's strong encouragement, I will be trying to keep a pregnancy blog.

In Illinois on June 28

Another major change for us, is my own employment.... As it seems, our news pieces are starting to come together.

This week, I accepted a Medical Assistant position at an Orthopedic Physician Office in Reston, VA!
Since moving all of our belongings to Arlington, I pushed forwarded with a new narrowed search, looking in the Northern Virginia area. After being discouraged by not finding an employer that recognized the possibilities a certified athletic trainer could provide, at my new job, I will be doing more than just bringing patients to the exam rooms or doing laundry in a PT clinic. As a Medical Assistant, I will be working directly under a physician or PA, in a physician extender role. I will take vitals, medical histories, follow through with orders, and educate patients. I will also have the opportunity to train to become an Ortho Tech, which will allow me to do casting and bracing as well. This type of position will be a major change of pace for me. I'm looking forward to the adjustment to consistent hours and working 4-5 days/week, set at 40 hours/week, with weekends off!

So many changes, and so much more to come. It is amazing to me how God continues to write our love story, each and every day. God loves us more than I could ever possibility understand. His plan is perfect and beyond anything I could ever conduct myself. He is amazing. 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight."           Proverbs 3:5-6

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