Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 13: Second trimester!

{I actually just started Week 14....but I didn't quite get this posted before Thurs.}

Size: Baby went from small pea to blueberry, to big raspberry, to lime {my favorite}, to large plum to peach {my second favorite}! About 3 inches. Baby was small at 10-week ultrasound, so maybe not quite that big.

The size and how many weeks along I am has become some what of a debate. It was {and still is} unclear where the baby length measurements from my Week 10 ultrasound put me for my estimated due date. I have been told various expected dates ranging from Feb. 18 - March 3 {perfectly nestled around LEAP DAY, Feb. 29}. Although it doesn't change anything, it's frustrating not knowing exactly which week to read on my "What to Expect" pregnancy app!

Just to keep it all straight, for now, I'm sticking with what my app says until told otherwise. {Although, I'm probably closer to Week 13 this week, so maybe this post timing is accurate??}

Momma Bod: This is what I wrote at 12 weeks 5 days..... "No real bump yet. I feel like I can't suck in my stomach, but I'm still fitting into all of my pants/shorts {even though I don't wear them - refer to "Fashion" section below}. I need new bras, but am sticking to my comfortable sports bras for now." Over the last 4-7 days, I started getting a little bump. I can feel the bulge of my uterus, different than just added belly fat. I also hit a point of desperation for a new bra {without details, just know that this was a huge struggle}.

Bump PREVIEW... using a soccer ball in Target

Mood: Relatively stable. Anxious about all the changes, mainly the crazy early hours of my new job starting on Monday!

Symptoms: Some nausea, limited appetite. Ready for second trimester "boost" of energy; I can't make it through the day without a nap for at least an hour.

Sleep: I sleep in all positions, rarely on my back. I have always moved a lot in my sleep, which continues. I am loving the king-size bed in my parent's guest bedroom. 

Food: Cereal or toast for breakfast, 1/2 cup of 1/2 caff coffee, yogurts, pretzels, snack bars, sandwich for lunch, grapes, apples, carrots, almonds, chips, ice cream sandwiches. Usually a small serving of a dinner meal: chicken tortilla soup, salad, District tacos, spaghetti.

Maternity fashion: I am a frump. If you don't know what frumpy means, ehhh, it means dressing down and casual... but it's more than that.... it's not matching, wrinkly, weird fitting clothes, weird patterns or textures, messy hair, and probably no make up. I have known what frumpy means from a young age. And now, I have reverted back to my old ways. I dress frumpy everyday. My style has always been about comfort, and the only thing comfortable to me right now is L or XL t-shirts, sports bras, loose shorts or sweatpants, and a messy hair bun. This is a case of {very} frumpy because it has gone on for several weeks. My reason is simply because I can and it's comfortable. One day last weekend I put on jean shorts. On a separate day, I wore my interview suit for a couple of hours. I also got my hair trimmed, but only wore it down for the interview. 

{As a side note - don't mistake frumpy for poor hygiene. I wear clean clothes, shower daily, use deodorant and shave my legs regularly.} 

Baby daddy: Has been working hard at his new job! Sometimes he comes home for lunch, which I love. He has been encouraging {and calm} through all the changes, especially when I've been interviewing for jobs. 

What we did this week: Spent the last two weekends in Luray at the cabin!
On the Shenandoah...

....Catching lil fish
We also went to an awesome concert at Wolf Trap, I really liked all four bands.... Colony House, Drew Holcome and The Neighbors, Switchfoot and Needtobreathe.

Encore with all four bands jammin
Looking forward to: Trying to convince the new OB to do another ultrasound. Also - When should I expect to start feeling some movement?! AND getting into a routine of being out the door at 6:15am. Eeek. 

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