Monday, December 21, 2015

Weeks 28-30

I know after three more weeks I should have more of an update... But all I can think about is how fast the last three weeks have gone. I don't want time to keep moving this quickly.

I think I did my last self-pedicure for a while. It was SO hard to breath and reach my toes. 

Only change I can come up with are sometimes it's hard to breath. I read that as the baby grows and before he drops, there is a lot of pressure on the diaphragm, which I definitely feel. Especially after I eat, it's hard to sit at the table sitting up in a chair, I always want to lay down and stretch out so I can breath. 

He also likes to tuck his foot under my right rib, which is uncomfortable but I find it so cute because I'm picturing him snuggling into me. He is ALWAYS on my right side {even though I've been sleeping on my left side for most of the night}. 

I'm am definitely not an irritable pregnant lady but it's hard to hear that there are so many things I should be avoiding... Like lifting or moving heavy things, or reaching high up, or bending over to pick something up. I do all of these things regularly as a part of my job and I'm not one to ask for help. 

For the past few weeks, I've also felt like my belly gets in the way more often.... Like when I drop a pen at work and have to bend over to pick it up, or I try to squeeze behind a pulled out chair. Bumping my belly into things is a common occurrence these days.

It's the time of year that Wrigley is extra snugly with the cold weather. I actually get sad that I won't have just wrigley snuggle time much longer. Yes, she is like my child. Yes, she responds when I call her Baby.

Post-birthday, I ate this for breakfast and dessert for many days in a row. 

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