Thursday, May 12, 2016

First Mothers Day

Some quick notes about my first mothers day =)
...Sadly no pictures =(

Slept through the night. 10pm-7:30am. Glorious.

Woke up to the biggest dirty diaper of H's life. Threw the outfit away. Massive clean up. 

Sweetest card from H and baby daddy. 

After a full feed for H, I pumped 10oz for storage. FYI that is A LOT. 

Watched H really enjoy playing and watching his hands and kicking his feet like crazy. Such a big boy! 

H really emphasized his eat-play-diaper-eat-nap pattern. And his naps were real naps in his bouncer, which doesn't always happen. He is the sweetestđź’™

Drove around looking at houses (our usual Sunday). Lunch at Silver Diner, Mamas pick for a good milkshake and brunch food. 

I love being a mama to this boy. 

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