Sunday, November 18, 2012

cockapoo gang

Friday night Wrigley hosted Fenway for her first sleepover!

These two have hung out several times when they were younger and have gotten along great. Wrigley is a fairly passive dog who doesn't fight to be the alpha dog in the room, and doesn't really like to rough house. Fenway is even more passive! She likes to follow people around, and she loves to sit in laps. Their "rough housing" is very tame compared to others dogs (ugh... can't get video from my iphone to load... does anyone know an easy way to do that?).

They look so different for both being cockapoos, however they have similar mannerisms. Both don't bark, they whine when a toy is stuck under the couch, they like to snuggle and both wanted to share MY pillow when we went to bed (yes, we had a slumber party).

These two did a great job sharing toys and playing. We left them out when we went to a bonfire Friday night (Wrigley usually stays in her crate when she's home alone) and Saturday for several hours when we went down to Lynchburg. When we got back, they were sound asleep on the couch and nothing was destroyed! Fenway was a gracious guest and Wrigley did a great job entertaining her!

**photo disclaimer -- Wrigley just got a short haircut, it's just started growing back.
Hanging out

Fenway brought these awesome treats to share! Wrigley ended up taking both of them.

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