Monday, November 19, 2012

dads visit

Another trip... a quick and meaningful trip. A weekend in October my Dad came to visit for the night!

He had been working for the day in Charlottesville (only an hour from me), and drove down to stay at Sweet Briar for the night. We caught up over dinner at the Briar Patch (everything is amazing there), we both had blackened salmon with a creamy, fluffy baked potato with toppings plus steamed vegetables. We watched the Nationals lose a heart wrenching game. On Saturday morning, he cooked me a DELICIOUS omelette with salmon and vegetable leftovers from dinner.

I also have been trying to grow basil in my kitchen. At walmart, buying fresh basil was more expensive than just buying a basil plant. The plant is on a shelf RIGHT next to the basil leaves... clearly they think we should just try to keep our own plant alive (which is harder than it should be). My dad took me to get potting soil, pots and pot trays - knowing that my plant needed more love than I was giving it. We came back to my apartment, and my Dad taught me how to re-pot plants, how often to give it water (not twice-a-day, everyday ...oops), how to pick the leaves to encourage new growth, how to spread out the roots so each plant has enough room and to find the sunniest spot in my apartment. Dad at his best! I was so glad he was able to come visit!

Here are before and after pics of my plant. It's doing better. I only water it every couple of days and I open my curtains so it gets plenty of sun on my bedroom desk. I know it looks droopy, but I think it's doing better!

Any other suggestions for my droopy basil?

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