Wednesday, November 28, 2012

everything orange

The week of Thanksgiving we had a great time travelling to see family and friends.

Ryan, Wrigley and I met my parents, my sister, and the dog, Terra, at the cabin on Wednesday. Thursday - the whole day was about cooking - my Mom was in the kitchen and my Dad smoked a turkey on his bbq deck. My sister, Amanda, and I helped in the kitchen with pumpkin bread, sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pies. Ryan and I went for a short run (wearing orange since it's huntin' season) to prepare for all the food we were about to eat, threw a football with Amanda, played pool downstairs and entertained the dogs (or maybe the dogs entertained us).

Orange orange orange. Running, carrots, fire, Terra's collar, sweet potatoes. 

By 5:30, we'd eaten the "big" meal, we decided to wait on pie. We all fell half asleep by the orange fire burning slowly in the fireplace. Eventually we mustered enough energy to eat the orange pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream and a chocolate leaf decoration that Amanda made.

Friday night, Ryan and I drove up to Maryland for Fallon and Charles' wedding! Fallon is one of my close friends/teammate/housemate from college. Saturday some of the girls got ready at Fallon's parents' house that included a delicious breakfast prepared by one of Fallon's bridesmaids, lots of "getting ready", and catching up with friends!

The wedding was early afternoon, in a gorgeous cathedral near Baltimore. Their colors were navy blue and orange! The cathedral didn't need a lot of added decorations, it was immaculate on it's own. Fallon looked beautiful, I LOVED her lace and sparkle dress with an open back. The reception was at a nearby old manison.... unique with a huge porch, grand foyer and a warm fireplace. The reception was full of traditional events like speeches, first dances, tinging glasses, smooches, bouquet and guarder throwing, cake cutting, picture taking and dancing. Fallon and Charles seemed calm most of the day and took the time to soak it all in.

The kiss, blurry sorry

Me, Amy, Fallon, Joanie and Kate at the reception. LC Women's Soccer represent!

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