Tuesday, November 20, 2012

wood projects

Ryan started making wood projects out of pallets. I love my man who is a combo of crafty/creative PLUS an excellent carpenter/handy man. He does it right, without shortcuts, just the way I like it and another reason why I love him.

Project #1: Shoe storage by the entrance

It's stable and functional.

There are numerous pinterest projects that have always made us throw ideas around. I'm sure some of you have seen my pinterest board titled "projects for my man" ... and I want you to know that Ryan found most of those himself. I'm just the brain that saved them so we can go back to them. We make a great pair!

Project #2: A flat pallet with chicken wire behind it. Great for pictures, cards, invitations, etc. 

Please notice wrigley's king size bed. Just like her mama ...she needs room to sleep!

As a hobby, he has worked along on these projects during the fall when he didn't have much time off from work. He would spend half of his day before or after work being crafty, which was a great stress reliever for him. Project #3 was the most "creative" project. He spent lots of time trying to lay out pieces of wood. They are all different, some stained black, a few darker brown, placing the ones with holes strategically, adding depth with overlapping pieces ...it was several days of reworking the lay out to get it right.

Project #3

With so many antique and vintage shops in our area, it is typical for us to walk through one or two when we go on outings on the weekends. Some of the shops have refinished vintage-looking furniture and decorations. A few weekends ago we found lots of old, big trucks (I should have taken pictures..SO many).  Others have really smelly, gross pieces of furniture... dressers, mattresses (ew), rooms full of lamps + lamp shades, doors, rugs, vintage posters, etc, etc.

Yet, some of the smelly shops have treasures, like the windows that we found last weekend! I have lots of ideas about what we might to do with them. Maybe use them to frame pictures. Or just to decorate the boring entrance hallway in my apartment. Or make one into a coffee table. Or a cabinet. Who knows... I'll update pictures when they become something awesome.

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