Tuesday, January 15, 2013

free shipping both ways

Online shopping has become more and more dangerous. It used to not be appealing to go crazy with online shopping because you always had to pay more due to shipping costs, and you never knew if it would fit, or if the color was ugly in-person. NOW, stores have free shipping AND free returns! Sign me up.

List of free shipping online stores I've used:
-Amazon items (only "Super Saver" items)
-Banana Republic, Old Navy and Gap (over $50 and free returns)

The best of all of these is Nordstroms. In the package, they include a return label.
1. It's exciting to have something coming in the mail.
2. You get the box in the mail and try on the outfit.
3. Don't like it? Put it back in the box, slap the return label on it, and drop it in the mail.
4. The money goes back into your account.

I think for shoebuy.com you have to go in and print a return label. However, shoebuy has more than just shoes. Clothes, purses, jewelry, coats, etc. Free shipping both ways? I'm in. Shoebuy also has lots of promos and sales so you can always find a good deal.

I've worn two dresses I got from Nordstroms online to special occasions in the fall, Fallon's wedding and a December holiday party.

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