Tuesday, January 22, 2013

life in the creek

This past weekend, I traveled to Buies Creek, NC to visit my BEST friend in the whole world, and her new husband. I got out of town, just in time to miss the snow storm, but not in time to miss driving in the dark in the rain storm. It took way longer to get there than it should have, but Wrigley was a great sport in the car. Thursday evening, I watched DJ cook dinner while we waited for Heather to get home, and then enjoyed plenty of time catching up, looking at pictures, half exchanging Christmas presents (I opened mine, but I left Heather's in my apartment).

Wrigley and Puck chased each other and fought over toys, beds, blankets, etc. It's entertaining to watch them after observing Wrigley with other dogs. She LOVES to play with her friend, Fenway, a fellow cockapoo, similar in age. With Puck, it's funny because they obviously are tolerating each other and get tired of sharing space after a few days. Mostly Puck gets sick of having a smart, spoiled puppy around (yes, I know Wrigley is spoiled). Wrigley on the other hand does nothing wrong. And this picture.... 100% tolerating going on here. cuties.

Back to my trip to the Creek.... When Heather got back from clinical hours on Friday, Heather and I went on a jog-ride. Heather has a knee recovering from surgery, so she rode on a bike while I ran. I felt like the friend that needed a friend to make her run, and Heather felt like the friend that wasn't fit enough to keep up running. We make a good pair.

Friday night, we drove up to Raleigh for an art class. It's a great time... They provide all of the supplies for painting and the students bring whatever beer, wine, drinks or food they want. The teacher instructs the class step-by-step  how to replicate the painting. The instructions include how many scoops of each color to make new colors, brush technique, which brush size to use, when to rinse the brush, etc. Each painting ends up looking a little unique, but reflects the original painting. Such a stress-reliever! I can't wait to do it again!

Saturday morning we all slept in, even Wrigley. Heather cooked a mega-breakfast before we fought the crowds at the outlets. DJ cooked some delicious burgers for dinner. Saturday night we vegged out with popcorn and a movie.

I'm always so sad to leave Heather. Sometimes wayyy to much time goes by before we see each other again. I remember being dramatic whenever Heather would leave to work at camp for a summer, or during college before going back to school for the Fall.... or Spring semester.  Everytime.... "We're never ever going to see each other again." Well, I now know that's not true, and I can't wait to find a time for Heather to come visit me at Sweet Briar!!

P.S. Heather also wrote a story on her blog about our fabulous weekend. Check it out. http://robinsonrumblings.blogspot.com/2013/01/wrigley-and-company.html

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