Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year

Good bye to 2012, I'm ready to see what 2013 brings. I'm not big on new year's resolutions. The things that I want to do have not just started today... they've been on mind and in the works.

I want to continue to work on calming down. Less worrying, less anxiety, more going with the flow, more living each day to it's fullest. My mind is always going a million miles a minute about how to survive in this adult world. How does anyone ever buy a house? Where will I be working and living in 5-7 years? What is the plan? How can I save money and prepare for the future? I go on and on, but really, I just need to take a chill pill. I need to enjoy the moment. The importance of working hard in my current life and work setting is what will set me up for the future.

I also want to continue to try new things and continue to enjoy being active. Over the past year I've started to cook. I want to learn to cook in new ways, new dishes and in a healthy way! In 2012, I've be really active playing soccer, squash, racquetball, running, trail running, playing soccer, spinning, tennis, swimming, lifting, circuits and doing the elliptical. I even tried Zumba. Once. And TODAY, Ryan and I went mountain biking through trails, puddles, streams, gravel roads, across grassy fields, mud, dirt paths, up big hills, and rocky downhills!!

Continuing on, the biggest thing for me is to plug into a church. I have been visiting churches in the greater Lynchburg area, on and off, for almost 6 years. Count them.  SIX  six  Six  six  years. To still be a church jumper after SIX years is not the ideal way to find the fellowship God desires for me in a church family. I know there won't be a church exactly like the one I grew up in, so I need to jump, with both feet, into the church we've been visiting more regularly and make the most of it. Here I go... jumping into 2013, no turning back!

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