Monday, September 7, 2015

Repeating Week 17

Size: 4-5 inches! 

This week, we had our first appointment with at an office in Arlington. They confirmed that I am a week behind based on the first sonogram measurement. This mean that I actually didn't start week 17 until this week. So we're currently repeating week 17. 

Momma Bod: More pressure in my lower abdomen and really don't like tighter waistbands. My uterus is up to my belly button. 

Symptoms: Frequantly using the bathroom. Trying to stay hydrated, which also increases trips to bathroom.

Mood: A little concerned about my prior back surgery/injury flaring up and/or causing complications with an epidural if a c-section is needed. I'm glad we talked about it at the appointment and will meet with an anesthesiologist to come up with some possible plans. I'll also do some PT to try to prevent the debilitating LBP I've experienced before. Overall, wishing the OB appointment was more eventful. 

Movement: At our appointment we were able to hear the heartbeat (strong and fast at 160ish). After 20 seconds, the heartbeat was interrupted by a quick scratchy sound, which the midwife said was the babe kicking the probe. I am still excited to feel some movement. I'm able to lay on my back and easy feel how big my uterus is, so sometimes I lay down and really focus on feeling something. Nothing yet! 

Cravings/Food: Mom and I cooked a delicious lasagna last weekend. I ate on it for several days and took it for lunches. I even wrote down our recipe to be able to make it again! Loaded baked potatoes with BBQ chicken was also a hit for this mama, similar to an Alabama favorite from Gibson's with pork. Mom made an Asian inspired soup and I think I could repeat if I bought all the right spices and flavored oils/peppers. 

Fashion: Scrubs! I wore my larger jeans to the UVA/ND football game and then my other stretchy skinny jeans on another day with a hair tie around the button. Both worked. I don't like anything tight across my stomach so it wasn't that comfortable. 

Baby Daddy: Had SO much fun at the UVA/Notre Dame football game last weekend. He even said it was "the best football game he's ever been to." There was lots of back and forth scoring, game-changing injuries, and we sat about 8 rows up from the main end zone in the corner. It doesn't hurt that he is a ND football fan, we were surrounded by strong opinionated UVA fans.... And ND won with a touchdown in the last 12 seconds of the game. 

On the baby front, he's excited to find out the gender and if it's a boy.... He's ready to buy Baby W all the fishing and sports gear he'll ever need. 

Coming up: Anatomy ultrasound scheduled for FRIDAY. This appointment is really bringing out my excitement. I'm still waiting to feel movement but Friday I'll be able to see baby W squirming around!! Baby girl or boy??! I can't wait. 

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