Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 20: Halfway

Movement: We have movement! I have started to feeling our little babe kicking around at the end of the day when I'm laying down or sitting watching tv. I don't feel it throughout the day, probably because I'm running around the office most of the time. 

Mood: I notified my employer of my pregnancy, which is a huge weight off my shoulders. It has been weird living a double life of keeping it a secret at work vs easily talking about it and not hiding it at home. Now, I feel like sharing it with the world and will probably be taking more consistent bump pics! 

My excitement to prep for our babe's arrival is definitely here! I am ready to get a car seat, warm winter baby clothes, pack my hospital bag, stock up on diapers and jump on awesome craigslist items I see {Northern Va craigslist is the BEST deal around}. 

Yes, my mood is a 180 from some days last week. I'm in denial of pregnancy hormones, best not to mention them.

Size: 8-10 inches! Large banana. Weighs 10-11oz. {estimates from some apps, nothing official}. 

My rockin bod & fashion: This belly is growing. I can still use a hair tie on my jeans button and use a belly band. My stretchy, higher wasted jeans are still working for now. It's common to want to highlight the bump at a certain point, but I strongly dislike tight fitted clothes. My discomfort is more about the bust region than my growing belly. I can handle my jeans with a tshirt, but would prefer a roomy sweater/sweatshirt. 

My rockin bod is also fighting some sickness with a headache, sore throat, snotty nose and clogged ears. Hopefully the worst is behind me because it has been really hard to get out the door to work at 6:30/7am. 

Appointment updates: We followed up with the fetal cardiologist who gave us suberb news that baby's heart looks 100% normal. Since our first ultrasound, the heart is larger and easier to see, so we got the clear to proceed normally without any hesitation. I learned a lot about fetal heart development, which was interesting. Once the heart is formed at 8 weeks, all structures are there. The reason we had "inconclusive" images was because we were only 18 weeks and it was not large enough to see yet. My suggestion would be to wait until AT LEAST 20 weeks for the anatomy ultrasound. 

I also had another OB appointment that was entirely uneventful {which I suppose is ok}. I got a long list of to-dos that I'm not eager to do. Meh, I'll TRY not to be a delinquent patient. 

Gender/Names: Gender reveal pics coming soon! We're getting better at discussing names with our narrowed focus, although I still do not think we will be 100% confirming a name until this babe is in our arms! 

This week: Baby W got to go to his/her first Blackhawks game!! I love hockey games, we went to a Caps game last weekend, but this week we were rooting for the Blackhawks. We didn't get a stellar pic, but I wanted to document the game and bump! 

Wrigley is rooting for the cubbies this week too!! 

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