Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 21 & 22: Continuing to cruise

Including Wrigley's ridiculous hair....

Wrigley's update.... four weeks into her new diet and post haircut!

Size: Serious growing, growing, growing going on in my belly. One pound!!

Symptoms: Night calf cramps. When I roll over at night my calves tighten up, but it's easily relieved by pulling my toe up. Maybe these won't get worse...? Wishful thinking?!

Food: I continue to get full very quickly and don't like big meals at all. I surely hope this is not the case for the remainder of my pregnancy. All the great holiday meals are coming up and I don't want to miss out! 

Cravings: Sangria and ibuprofen. BOTH not allowed for preggo women. Sangria because I keep hearing that country song, "...her lips taste like sangria," which leads me to wanting some sweet, fruity, red sangria. Mmmm. My upper back has been having muscle spasms, different than the low back pain I expected. I would love some ibuprofen when it starts early in the day so it doesn't get as bad by the end of the day. 

Mood: The last two weeks felt like I was cruising. {I'm 23 weeks tomorrow??!} Being halfway is tricky because you don't find out your pregnant until 4+ weeks, so with the second 20 weeks you are counting each week/day which could easily make it seem longer. I hope the time keeps moving this quickly.

Sweet Carleigh squishing the Baby Wildenhain bump

Maternity wear: I think it might be time for a good pair of maternity jeans. I've been using a hair tie to give me more room around the waistband... And I don't think I have much more time with that trick. I also plan to buy some comfy maternity leggings and live in them through the fall/winter with a sweater and boots. 

The hardest part about my pregnant body is all the changes. Just as soon as I learn to work with how my body is feeling or fitting into clothes, it changes. Today I was NOT comfortable in my scrubs. {have you started to pick up on my need for comfort?} I felt so full and squished in my pants, especially after lunch. A slight discomfort suddenly becomes a dire necessity for change... Like buying maternity scrub pants ASAP. {Amazon Prime two-day free shipping can't come fast enough.}

Daddy: I sure do love my baby daddy. He thinks my stomach "feels weird." So do I. 

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