Friday, November 20, 2015

6 Months

So here's a jumble of thoughts about the last several weeks of pregnancy....

Ah! These last few weeks have flown by! I don't feel like much has changed besides my belly is growing.

My appetite has returned to semi-normal levels. I usually get hungry for meals and eat normal amounts of food. I think this is due to the fact that the baby is growing at 6-8 ounces per week {and weighs almost TWO pounds}.

Mid-back pain is not fun. I hate talking about back pain though, so moving on.

Another order of larger undergarments have made a world of difference in my daily comfort. 

The glucose tolerance test made me feel light-headed and googly-eyed 5 minutes after I finished the sugary drink, which tasted like concentrated Hi-C {does Hi-C still exist?}. I couldn't focus or read my book for at least 20-30 minutes. After waiting the hour for them to draw my blood, I felt better, but I don't think you should be allowed to drive afterwards. When I got home, I went straight for a Cliff Bar and Dad cooked me a replenishing Saturday morning omelet.

One of my favorite things is snuggling with Wrigley, who uses my belly as a pillow, and feeling the baby kicking her. Ryan has also felt several big kicks.

Wrigley seriously hurt her knee while running around playing with us. She cried and whined for 5-10 minutes, which was pretty scary. It was a rough first night; she couldn't get comfortable at all so I ended up staying up with her all night. We were tired/comfortable enough to go to sleep about 3:30am... and then Ryan's alarm went off at 4:45. Just getting ready for a newborn...

{Wrigley's update: Our vet was great, diagnosed a partial ACL tear doing a doggy Lachman's test. After being on pain meds and anti-inflammatory for 10 days, she's doing much better. I overanalyze her walking/running gait and only see an occasional minimal limp.}

This has been my first Fall out of the academic calendar since... ever. There is usually a huge momentum towards Thanksgiving break and the holidays with class assignments and athletic seasons. I CANNOT believe next week is Thanksgiving. This also means we're about three months away from our due date!! Whaaa.

My OB appointment this month was uneventful again. Now I start going every two weeks. Does that mean this baby is coming soon??!

Something I don't want to forget: One a day I intentionally hydrated like crazy at work, I was sitting in standstill traffic on the way home.... and felt the baby STOMP on my bladder. I literally could feel fluttering kicks pulsing my bladder. Good times. I was dying.

I'll get a good bump picture up eventually... 

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