Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 31: Christmas!!

Size: Over 3 pounds. Baby is at full birth length {which I think is tall because he is ALWAYS in my right ribs}. Packing on the pounds at a rate of 1/2 pound per week to add fatty tissue before birth.

Sometimes I get really enthusiastic when trying to take a bump picture. 
Symptoms: Pressure on my diaphragm/ shortness of breath. Nightly calf cramps. Increased bathroom trips. Can't lay on my back without losing blood flow to my lower half. Abdomen tightening episodes, especially when I move around quickly or bend over/squish my belly. 

Pregnancy nightmares: {apparently it's a thing}. Last night I had my first scary baby dream. It was the first couple of days after the baby was born and no one would let me feed him! Somehow I forgot to start nursing him and therefore I had no idea if he was getting any food. And no one could answer my questions or bring him to me. Nevertheless, I woke up and realized how irrational it was to think I wouldn't remember to feed him... Guess I've got breastfeeding on my mind. 

Mood: Eeeeeeepp! Two months?!?? Doing well overall! I had an episode of crying at the most random time that turned into laughing because I had no idea where it came from. Ryan handled it well. 

Food: My favorite meal over the holidays was definitely ham on a roll with honey mustard. {Maybe a craving that was easily fulfilled?!} I also enjoyed some other favorites: coconut cake, frozen fruit salad, green beans, broccoli/cheese soup, pretzel salad, sausage balls and orange rolls.

Movement: When we got home from our trip I had two days of serious movement all day. I think he was shy when we were around lots of new people and voices in Alabama. 

Nursery: Ready to clean out my parents "study" and make room for a baby!! We're going to clean out some boxes, set up a changing station, make a place for baby clothes and a nursing chair/rocker. I can turn into a slave driver when it comes to house projects... I promise to try to stay calm. 

Name: Tired of hearing I can't decided?! Samsies.

Baby Daddy: He got this new momma some great Christmas gifts, including a bump/pregnancy pillow, Vera Bradley weekender bag {aka hospital bag}, and a motherhood jacket to fit my bump or a baby under my jacket.

What we did this week:
Ryan, Wrigley and I got to travel to Alabama for Christmas again this year! I'm so glad we didn't miss out on ALL the family traditions. We had a special Christmas morning with our two nieces, Becca & Diana, {and of course sausage balls and orange rolls for breakfast}, spent time with my Granddad {who is doing so much better}, had the whole Huff side in one place and a tour of the Decatur Christmas lights and lots of yummy food.

Low country boil with the Frickies

ALL the Huffs

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