Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week 38: Advanced Nesting Mode

So this is what real nesting feels like. I ended up with an unexpected snow day today {Monday} and even after a very busy baby-prep weekend, I have been in full organization/baby laundry mode since 6:15am.

To Do list: Ryan and I got {almost} everything on the To Do list checked off this weekend. We installed the car seat, made trips to all the local baby stores, put together & set up the pack n play and rearranged our bedroom. I say {almost} ready because I think "advanced nesting mode" means I will continually add things until baby is here! Some of the things I still plan to do include packing a hospital bag {I know this is not a random addition to the list}, watch Happiest Baby on the Block, fully stock the diaper changing area & nursing station tote, wash/fold/organize the clothes, blankets, towels, burp clothes, etc. and order/line up a pump. This is why I've been busy since 6am. It's also why I order something from Amazon Prime pretty much every day. 

Size: If the estimation was right from the end of 36 weeks, he'd be about 7 pounds today. I am trying to mentally prepare to eat healthier after he's born because I have gained more than just the 7-8 pounds he'll weigh in at {hopefully he won't be much more than that}. Overall, I'm not too worried about his weight or my weight. 

Symptoms: At the beginning of last week, I had two days that I did not feel so great. I don't even know what it was. My stomach was feeling funny, crampy, weird, my back was constantly hurting, and I could BARELY move around. Overall I was very uncomfortable and I thought my body was about to transition into the more unknown territory of labor or at least some contractions. Then...nothing. 

After those two days, I'm back to normal pregnancy of working around by belly but feeling good! Maybe moving slower, but I won't admit it. Some calf cramps at night. Mild limb swelling. Now I'm back to thinking I'm at least 4-5 days out from the main event. 

Mood: Anticipation building that's greater than Christmas!!! Nesting. Excited. Patiently waiting. Loving days spent with my Ryan. 

Nursery: Additions to our room include a pack n play, changing table and room for baby's clothes! And organization woo! Check it out. 

Changing table with hospital bag ready to grab n go!
Daddy: Went into overdrive with me this weekend to get things done. He's the BEST organizer. 

This week: Fast forward a couple of days to the end of week 38. I got so much done earlier this week... everything that is supposed to vibrate or make noise has new batteries, baby clothes/blankets/bags are ready to go, my bag is mostly ready, minus a few things I'll throw in... I don't even know what else I need to do. {I'm not sure I'm mentally ready, but we are prepared with lots of babies stuffff}. Ready ready ready to add you baby!!! 

Wrigley doesn't understand why I spent so much time organizing onesies by size, socks, hats, pants, sleepers, blankets.

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