Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 37: Full term

It's as if my body knows this is the home stretccccchhhh. Don't give up now, we still have work to do!

Symptoms: I don't even like to acknowledge I have pregnancy symptoms. I do better to take care of myself and ignore the little things. However.... My hands and feet have been a little swollen. My belly hardens on and off all day {still not describing any of them as painful though or giving them the title of Braxton-Hicks!}. Back pain ugh. My abs seem to have turned off and don't want to help me move around. I definitely won't admit that I'm moving slower around work. Still lots of belly movement, especially after meals. I LOVE feeling him move and we still fit about the territory under my right rib. 

Ultrasound update: On Wednesday last week {at 36 weeks, 6 days}, we had an ultrasound to estimate weight and see position. The weight calculation from the size of his head and length of his femur was 6lb. 2oz. Completely in a normal range, on the small side. He will gain about 1/2 pound a week. I was on the money with his position... Head down, legs on my right side, spine down my left side. The tech said 9 out of 10 times the baby is in this position. Annnnd confirmed BOY!

The To Do list: I have made a final list of little things to take care of! Just small things, install the car seat, nursing pIllow, line up ordering a pump, turn in ST disability form and a few other small essentials. It is stressing some people out that I don't have a hospital bag packed yet - I have a good list ready! I am more focused on having our room and baby set up for when we bring baby home. Things are coming along!

Mood: A huge mix of excitement and sadness about life that will never be the same. I know, I know, but life will be better! And this baby will bring such joy to our lives! I believe all those things, but there's still a feeling of lose that it won't ever just be me and Ryan again. And it won't be easy to just run out to meet friends for dinner without childcare. Or spontaneous day trips together. Strong hormones make both sides feel overwhelming at times, which is the reality of what's coming! 

This week: I had a small intimate baby shower this weekend that some close friends threw for me. It was the perfect size with a great group of ladies that made me feel so loved and supported as I am about to enter into this journey of motherhood. We got to chat away about babies, being mothers, memories and the great anticipation of Baby W's arrival.

Due date: I'm officially due Feb 25. Any guesses to when he'll actually arrive?! We have a lot of dates to dodge {or aim for according to Ryan}. Here's the list of happenings and birthdays coming up...

Feb 14 - Valentine's Day 
Feb 16 - George (nephew in Illinois)
Feb 19 - Amanda (my sister)
Feb 20 - Regina's due date with #5 (Ryan's sister)
Feb 25 - Due date!
Feb 28 - Ryan
Feb 29 - Helen (niece in Illinois)/ Leap Day!
March 5 - Lucy (niece in Illinois)

I still want a March baby but with sleep not going as well, time has started to slow down... Maybe it would be ok if he came early. I'm not having stretches of real contractions {or anything painful that I would even call a contraction}, which makes me think I'm more than just a couple of days away. Maybe at least a week..?! We're {mostly} ready for you baby!!

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