Tuesday, December 11, 2012

weekend wrap up

This past weekend was a lot of fun!

Friday night, Ryan and I went to a holiday party at Ryan's work! We planned ahead for Wrigley and Fenway to have a playdate during the holiday party since they have so much fun together! Fenway's parents, Alexis and Bryan, work with Ryan, and are friends of ours. I went down to Lynchburg early to get ready with Alexis, and watch Wrigley and Fenway run up and down 3 flights of stairs. We went to the party with several of Ryan's other co-workers and coaches. It was so much fun to dress up and hang out with some people we don't get to see a lot.

Saturday, Wrigley slept ALL day. She could barely hold her eyes open for more than a few minutes at a time. She didn't recover until sometime Sunday evening. Is this what I was like after sleepovers in elementary school?

Sunday, after early church (with lots of Christmas music!), we met Bryan and Alexis at the J.Crew warehouse sale. Imagine a fairly large warehouse, FULL of boxes. When you entered, you were handed you a large, clear trash bag, plus a list of prices for items. For example: Women's solid tees ...$5. Women's pattern tees... $8. Headbands ...$2. Swimsuits (per piece) ...$5. Tall Boots ...$100. The sale area had rows and rows of boxes sitting on tables, with another row of boxes underneath. Piles of shirts, pants, dresses, swimsuits, kids shirts, sweaters, shorts, cardigans, etc. No real organization at all. I thought the boxes would at least be labeled. (I wish I had a picture).

Going to college in Lynchburg, I've heard about these sales, but never been. The stories include women dressed in all spandex (to be able to try clothes on, since there are no fitting rooms), waiting in line before 7am and literally fighting to go through boxes before anyone else. To me, it sounded like a great deal of pain in order to come out with the great deal on clothes. This weekend, I'm glad that we went at 11, missing the crowds. There was also a sale a few weeks ago, so I'm sure the boxes had already been picked through. I got a few items, but next time I'll be better prepared (including eating before entering so I'm not hungry).

After J.Crew and lunch, Ryan and I drove to an antique store, window shopped for bikes and got groceries. By dinner, Wrigley started waking up from her coma and wanting to play tug-of-war with all her toys. And just like that, the weekend turned into the beginning of another week.

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