Thursday, January 14, 2016

Week 33

Size: Honeydew melon. 4+ pounds. I'm adding a pound a week; he's adding 1/2 pound per week.

Movement: With less amniotic fluid, I have been able to feel a significant increase in movements.

My rockin' bod: Over the last week or so, I have started to feel more uncomfortable. It's significantly harder to tie my shoes or roll over in bed. I guess this might be the beginning of the discomfort that comes with the third trimester. For some reason, I'm still wanting a March baby {so how uncomfortable can I really be?}... we'll see if that changes and when I get to a point of being officially "over it."

Symptoms: Weird dreams continue about everyone not realizing I actually had the baby. But now that I've been to our child birthing class, it seems like it would be hard for people to miss all the drama.

This week:
Ryan and I went to an all-day child birthing class through my OB's office, lead by a Labor & Delivery nurse with 25+ years experience.

All in all, we learned SO much... How to count contractions, pain options, general timeline of events, medical terms to know, what to expect specifically at our hospital, when to call the MD office {and ALWAYS to call them first, no matter what time}, use the Green parking garage, which door to enter, newborn evaluations, etc, etc, etc. 

Ryan would have been fine jumping into it, "he's a risk taker like that." However, I knew less than 2% of what she went over; I am a firm believer that knowledge is power. Ryan and I were even able to talk through a general birth plan after. I wouldn't say I'm excited {I definitely got a little scared}, but I feel exponentially better and more prepared. {Do I really have to wait 6-7ish more weeks??!? I'm ready to get this show on the road}. 

I'd say I'm most anxious about having nothing to eat for 15+ hours in labor and then going straight into such a physically demanding task. {How is that even possible??!} I feel like I'm getting ready for another soccer preseason and won't be allowed to eat for a week through all the work outs/practices. I plan to eat a last meal before going to the hospital. 

The To Do list: It seems important to document big things I've checked off my list! The child birthing class and basic breastfeeding class - done. Also done... Nailed down a pediatrician. Pre-registered at the hospital. Submitted my leave request at work. Got a haircut. Completed and submitted the continuing education units for my ATC certification. Renewed my ATC license for Virginia. Called the insurance company. Made OB appointments through my due date!!! Ah. Have a tentative birth plan!! Ahh. Worked on our baby registry {on babylist} which included picking out a crib, pack n play, stroller/car seat, diapers, pacifiers, coming home outfit, and diaper bag. {A baby registry is a TASK, there are reviews and opinions on EVERY item.}

Still to come... getting ANY of the essential baby items listed above, Christmas returns, nursery set up, line up ordering a pump, pediatrician orientation meeting, getting Wrigley's ears and teeth cleaned, meeting with anesthesiologist, make & freeze lactation cookies.... and pick a baby name.

Looking forward to: 
An ultrasound at 36 weeks to see position and get an estimated weight. I can't wait to see our little guy! I have been so curious about his position and what has been bulging into my right rib. I would put money on it that he's head down and can tell you exactly where I think his butt is {up by my right rib with good leverage to for his legs/feet to kick}.

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