Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 34-36: IT'S FEBRUARY!!

Working out of the academic setting makes weeks and months sort of blur and I CANNOT believe it's February.

Size: We have an ultrasound on Wednesday to get an estimated weight/size and see what position he is in. {My prediction is small, long and head down, facing my right side.} I can't wait to see him!! 

The To Do List: Last weekend during the snowstorm, I made a list of essentials. My essential list is really focused on the first month of so with the lil babe. It includes things anywhere from car seat, diaper bag, and pack n play to nursing bras, coconut oil, stool softeners, baby detergent and a rectal thermometer {which was mentioned as essential by our pediatrician}. As with all my baby prep, I don't want to have way to much stuff, that I won't end up using and don't have room for anyways. I might be turning into a serious minimalist {we'll see if I can pull it off, there are so many cute baby things out there!}. 

So this weekend, I made huge progress on my list! I have all the big items lined up and about half the smaller items. I am on the look out for a Babies R Us coupon to use on the stroller/car seat. Scratch that - I found a coupon and immediately went after work to buy it. I got a glider/rocker off Craigslist and made my first trips to BuyBuyBaby and Babies R Us. 

Mood: A lot of people ask me, "So, are you ready? Do you have everything? Is it all set up?" Up until this weekend my response was.... "Ehhhh, I'm not there yet. Still need the essentials like a car seat. I'll get there." Even though people are encouraging that newborns done need that much, I hadn't really gotten ready. After this weekend, I'm definitely feeling ready! This baby could come and I would be ready to bring him home {in a carseat!} and nurse him to sleep {sitting in a glider} before laying him down {in a safe sleeping playard}. 

Daddy: Ryan's hitting the beginning of the crazy overlap seasons of Winter/Spring {Read: Super early hours making for long days with no days off}. He's hoping the timing of the baby's arrival is end of Feb/early March so he can get through most of this bad overlapping time and some time away from work correlates near his spring break. Either way, he's getting things lined up knowing the lil babe could come very soon! He works so hard and continues to excel in his position. I'm so grateful that our babe will get to learn so much from him. 

This week: Let's actually talk about last week... we had about 20" of snow come down over the weekend. #snowmegeddon2016. Ryan, Mom & Dad did A LOT of shoveling, while I did a lot of reading and barely going outside. I missed our usually snow adventures at Sweet Briar of sledding and playing with Wrigley in the snow. But I enjoyed spending time with my bump and watching him move around {I also do a lot of poking him back}. 

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